David McManus

David is Chief Digital Officer at Avanti Vision, an inbound video marketing and media  company in Philadelphia PA. Avanti Vision helps businesses dominate their marketplace by leveraging video and digital marketing technologies.

David’s twenty years experience in broadcast TV, live shows, and post-production have placed him in roles of videographer, editor, television director, graphics developer, and producer. David now leads a team of developers, designers and producers as CDO for Avanti Vision.

Professional Experience

David McManus traveled North America as a product specialist for Vizrt. He worked on site with clients developing real-time 3D graphic packages, while developing and integrating Vizrt workflows with newsroom systems. He oversaw many network television migrations from standard to high definition platforms. . He’s worked with Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, ESPN, The Weather Channel, and many others.

Through out his years in the broadcast design industry, he developed several instructional design manuals on the technical and creative use of the system and provided advanced training and design theory for Vizrt customers. David continues to this day to provide design and training for Vizrt users across the world through his books and online training.

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David is the Chief Digital Officer at Avanti Vision. He leads the team on inbound marketing strategies, execution and video technologies.

David is an alpha user of the HubSpot platform. He is Inbound Certified and uses the technology to achieve results for clients.

David deploys several video technologies to achieve results for clients. Whether shooting, editing or creating motion graphics, he delivers various projects on multiple formats.

As a producer, he’s hung out of helicopters and crawled into sewers and miked celebrities.

David is Founder and lead contributor to TutsGFX. A website dedicated to the global Vizrt community.

The Vizrt Book – Broadcast Design with Vizrt Artist. Authored by David McManus. Available at Amazon.com

The Vizrt Book - David McManus

Custom lead generation and inbound video marketing campaigns.

David McManus - CDO / Partner